Best wood hand carving

As you start to carving,

you will no doubt start by holding your work in your hands.

Let’s start by talking about the tools you will be using.


When, I started it was with a hand held power tool Because, I was

working a full time job, the power tool could not come to work with me.

So I started using my pocket knife, from there I started looking for

some other tools to make it easier.


The next tools

I started using was hand held chisels, and different

shapes of blades for a real carving knife.

Over the years, I have used several types of tools.

However, my most used method is holding it in my hands,

and carving. It just seams more natural to me, easier to

move it around to see what needs to come off next.


Most of my carvings

Have been in the round, however I have

done some relief carving. As you, progress you will find

that your choice is the best for you. My preference is in the round

however, there is nothing wrong with any of the other types

of carving. You will find your favorite with time, and this will change.



Mallet, and chisel


Most of your relief carving will be done with a mallet, and chisel.

However, you can just use the chisel with the palm of your hand

it’s your perfference, and depending on how much wood, and detail you want.chisel

Next came the power

With power carving, it’s going to be a lot more dust.

Be sure to wear the proper eye, and nose protection.

You will need to wear a dust mask, for sure and you will

need a dust cleaning system. You will be spending more money

in your new hobby. The power has it’s advantages in that it’s faster.

When, I’m talking power it’s the flex shaft carving tools. For the

detail work there are micro carvers. They are very high speed and are great

for detailing your work.chisel.

In conclusion

Hope this has touched on some of the things you will be needing

should you take up the woodcarving hobby. there is so much more,

and I have just touch the surface. Perhapes you can leave questions, or commints

for me to get back with you.

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