Carving an eagle

A lady was interested in my woodcarvings, and wanted to know if I could carve an eagle.

When I said yes, it occurred to me that I knew very little about my subject.

So after looking at photos, reading about the different species, my task began.

First I bought some books, that master carvers had published.  Studied them,

and started looking into the pose I wanted.


After the look I wanted, next came the wood walnut is my favorite, however it’s

expensive and did not want to make a mistake with my first attempt.

So I decided on bass wood, it’s a nice carving wood, and holds detail well.

To get started I put the profile on the wood, then took a bandsaw and removed the

excess wood.  This gave me what is called a cutout.  Then marked the center line, and

started with my knife and chisels to take away everything that was not the eagle.


Wow, the eagle was taking shape.  Had to keep taking a little off here, and there.

Then I put some glass eyes in the head, and started sanding, and detailing the feathers

with my knife, and then the wood burning came next.


When It was like I wanted it, then the paint.

My first eagle was complete!!

2 thoughts on “Carving an eagle”

  1. What a beautiful job you did of that eagle! Well done. Thank you too for sharing your expertise on which is the best wood to work on when you’re doing something new. I would love to try my hand at carving one day, having never carved anything before, would you recommend that I start with basswood?
    Many thanks

    1. admin says:

      Yes Louise basswood is the best to start carving with. However if it’s not available, you can use just about any type of wood. Find something easy to carve, and try something simple so you don’t get discouraged at first. As you progress, so will your carvings. My first woodcarving was a cowboy boot. It was something I was familiar with. Hope this helps, and if you get stuck, feel free to ask me for help. Have a great day, and happy carving.


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