Getting started in woodcarving

The journey of a thousand steps starts with a single step.

Let’s get started, if you have an interest, in woodcarving or think it may be something¬†you would like to pursue.

There are some things you will need, like a knife and a piece of wood.


Your new adventure can begin as simple as whittling on a stick, or creating

a fine piece of sculpture. You can take your new adventure as far as your mind

can conceive.

GOD has allotted so many days

for a man, and he does not count the days
he or she spends whittling, or fishing.

In other words this is a very enjoyable pastime.

I have been told by many that they don’t have the patience for that kind of

hobby, “It teaches you patience”.

A good rule to follow

is keep your fingers out of the way, and always have a

sharp tool. Because you will force a dull tool, and a tool should simply slice

the wood instead of having to force it. Sharp tools go where you want them to.

Always have band aids handy!!

As you progress,

you will want to learn more about every aspect of your new

hobby. There is knifes, chisels, and power tools. You will learn to wood burn,

and paint your works of art. We will be going more into the different aspects

available to you in further posts.


As always I want your feed back, and questions.


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